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We are a global mobility enabling partner that helps 100+ mobile device companies to develop and operate mobile business solutions with simplicity and flexibility. We have extensive experience in all business domains and offer a broad range of services.
  • Consult: Mobile strategy and workforce.
  • Deploy: Customized device deployment.
  • Manage: Fully managed services.
  • Assist: Scalable support. Contingency support.



Mobility initiatives are jeopardized by a number of challenges. Often chief among them are the absence of organizational alignment and the lack of a comprehensive plan for mobility. This is familiar territory for our mobile consultants. They have the experience, tools and proven processes needed to work with your executive team to overcome these obstacles and build a blueprint for your organization’s path to mobility success.

The GEMA brings together insights gained from working with thousands of global clients – both through their successes and learning from their failures. Our Consult includes three types of services depending on your needs:

  • Mobility Workshops
  • Technical Professional Services
  • Expert Advisory Services



Professionally managed deployments– that’s what The GEMA delivers. We ensure that your resource -intensive device configurations, migrations and logistics are handled without stressing your internal IT resources. Our state of the art facilities and processes enable us to offer the capacity to procure, provision and deploy devices globally with speed and precision.

Superior user experience is our goal. Your users will receive activation assistance and education, driven from a deep understanding of your mobility needs. Access to a real-time portal, provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports that keep you up to date on device receipts, order status, and inventory. With our Deploy offering, you’ll have a single point of contact for communication and escalations.



More and more, mobile technology is being positioned as the hub of critical business applications. Whether your mobile applications reside in an inhouse server environment or hosted remotely, reliable technical and administrative support is crucial. Manage will supply the resources and responsive assistance you need to ensure maximum up-time, application success and superior end-user experience– all without taxing your current IT resources or requiring an investment in specialized experience.

Manage services take significant demand off your IT plate, while ensuring your assets are maintained according to corporate specifications and policies. You’ll have around the clock resource and security monitoring, while we ensure your mobile operations are at the forefront of technology updates. No doubt, top-level infrastructure support while lowering overall mobility costs and overhead is a compelling proposition for organizations of all sizes.



As mobility becomes more sophisticated, end user expectations look more like that of a consumer. User support has become more complex, tedious and mission critical. Most users just expect mobile to work. Most IT organizations are not equipped to provide the level of expected user support around the clock. With Assist, you can pass the burden on to us. Our 24/7 global, technical support provides the best user experience in the industry with a 98% first-contact resolution rate.

We support mobile apps, carrier issues, usage questions, device failures, policy compliance and more. Backed by our Encompass technology platform, our highly trained support team is armed with the insights at the point-of-action in order to solve problems fast – typically on the first call. Our team can help your mobile workforce no matter the device, software or mobile platform. This level of capability and responsiveness ensures user connectivity and keeps productivity going.

Consult Mobile Strategy Design

Consult Mobile Business Modelling

Deploy Security, Identity and SSO

Deploy Mobile IT Solution Development

Manage Mobile Device Logistics

Assist 24/7 Global User Helpdesk